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OleHenriksen Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner

I am back on my skincare routine! I have given up on retin-A because my face started to break out and it didn’t really help to clear them. Now my skin is getting back to normal and I have this and good genes to thank! Give me all of the lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid lol I love it all. This is only to use during the night because of the high potency AHAs so make sure to wear your sunscreen!

Sunday Riley’s Good Genes

So between this and my dark spot toner, I have noticed that my dark spots have lightened A TON. I still have them but it is a big improvement. My skin has been smooth and glowy which is all a girl can ask for. I use one pump at night and one in the morning. This one’s pretty pricey though :/. It’s $100+ a bottle… I know, it’s pretty ridiculous but the product is sooooo good. But no worries! As soon as this is empty (which it almost is), I’ll be testing out the dupe for it by The Ordinary. We’ll see if it lives up to the hype and how it compares to good genes.

Neutrogena HydroBoost Gel Moisturizer

I have loved this moisturizer for quite some time now but I discovered the extra dry skin version a couple of weeks ago. I would say I have normal to combination skin and I don’t think this makes me look greasy at all! What I love about gel moisturizers is that it doesn’t leave a weird residue and I don’t have to worry about looking oily throughout the day. I use a couple of the products from this line and I am seriously loving it.


Aperol Spritz

So Florida does this weird thing where it completely skips spring and jumps straight to summer lol. Because of this, I’m already in summer mode and summer means I need an Aperol Spritz in my hand at all times. Aperol is an Italian liqueur that has a citrus taste but it can be kind of bitter. If you’re not familiar with this drink, it’s really popular in Europe and the recipe is pretty simple. All you need is Aperol, Prosecco, and some sparkling water/club soda. I think it’s super refreshing and I prefer a glass of this over wine any day!

Crate and Barrel Wine Glasses

I spoke about wanting these wine glasses in my Currently Craving blog post. I LOVE THEM! So chic, so fabulous! I feel like a million bucks when I’m drinking from them lol. They were also like $13 a glass so not super cheap, but super worth it. I have the red wine glasses because if I’m going to spend $13 on one glass, I might as well get the glass that can hold the most wine LOL. I broke one the other day and almost wanted to cry. It was so sad, but I bought another one to replace it and ended up with more glasses haha. Those were a lot cheaper though.


The O.C.

I know what you’re thinking, “Makeda, that is sooo early 2000s”. Yes! I know! So I started watching the O.C. maybe a couple of months ago because I love shows like 90210 (the remake) and Gossip Girl. Let’s just say, I wasn’t really interested lol Buttttt now I’m caught up on all of my shows and didn’t have any new ones to watch so I picked it back up. Now I’m hooked! So beware, it may be a little slow at the beginning but it’ll pick up. Because it’s from a little while ago, I do find myself laughing at some of the things because it’s so dramatic! Needless to say, I’m invested right now and my nights usually consist of me watching this.


Faves Playlist on Spotify

When I have a good playlist, I feel like all is right with the world. This playlist is a culmination of all of my favorite songs right now. Planet U by Mereba, Gulf Shores by Local Natives and Late Night Feelings by Mark Ronson are probably my top 3 from the playlist.

Violet Street by Local Natives

Since it came out, this album has been on repeat. They are probably one of my favorite bands and I am absolutely obsessed with this album. If you like indie music and you’ve never given Local Natives a listen, please do. My favorite song on the album is Gulf Shores, but Shy, When Am I Gonna Lose You and Tap Dancer are close seconds. Pretty much every other song on the album is my second favorite lol.


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