It has been a while. Life has been… well crazy actually. These past couple of months have been rough! I don’t know what’s been going on, but I’ve been struggling and unfortunately, blogging was put on the back burner. Without getting too much into it, a lot has been going on personally and I hope to share some of the experiences and what I’ve been learning from them with you guys in some posts to come. Welllllllll to catch you guys up, I just turned 24! If you haven’t read my blog post yet about it, drop what you’re doing and go read it! I think 24 for me is all about living my best life. Yes, I know that’s a popular thing right now, but I think everyone should want to live their best lives. People will define it differently, but for me, it’s all about not letting people and situations affect me. It’s about enjoying life and the now. So that’s how I’m trying to live my life… UNBOTHERED lol. Other than my birthday, I’ve been working my butt off at my job and really trying to strengthen my relationships with the people around me.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have noticed some changes. First of all, more than half of my posts are gone due to a mistake when switching my hosting site. I know, I know, I’m disappointed too 🙁 I’m going to miss having my older posts on here because I love to see how much I’ve grown as a blogger. But on the bright side, this gives me a chance to really switch it up and bring some new content for you guys. Another change is the layout. I am LIVING for the new layout! My amazing friend, Rob helped me with the identity of the site. He focused on helping me define my purpose and goals for the blog and then from there he created the brand guidelines, logo, and header. If you’re looking to rebrand or create a brand, check him out!

Along with a new layout, there’s going to be a shift in content. This blog was always primarily fashion based and I kind of want to mix it up a little bit. Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE fashion, but I also love talking about a few other things like beauty, interior design, careers, life, lol. So we’re going to start incorporating some other topics on here! If you want to hear about something specific, please let me know! I want to produce content that not only I love, but that you want to read and know more about.

There are a lot of changes happening! Even though sometimes change sucks, it gives you a chance to start fresh 🙂


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