Fall is finally here! Well, Florida’s weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet, but the calendar says October 🙂 We are in the last quarter of the year! Can you believe it? I feel like 2017 has flown by. I also feel like I say that phrase every year LOL. Since I know I’m not the only one that is jazzed about it being fall but bummed that they can’t start wearing all of their fall clothes yet, I decided to create a transition outfit.

I’m all about looking good with as little effort as possible, so a dress is one of my go-to’s. It makes it look like you tried, but deep down it was really because you didn’t feel like putting on pants haha. I have tons of dresses in my closet: short, long, tight, lose, sparkly, leather, you name it. It’s something I highly suggest every girl to stalk up on. This one is from Ross. I’m telling you guys, don’t sleep on Ross! It could be a pain, yes I know. And those lines, forget about it! But you can find some really great pieces there. Yeah, they may not be the best quality, but I believe that if you take care of your things (no matter the quality), they will last you a long time. Ross has tons of these dresses and they usually range from 8-10 dollars! WHAT A STEAL! I always gravitate towards neutral colors and when it comes to fall, I pretty much ONLY wear neutral colors.Now on to the “fall-ness” of this outfit.

Fall is ALL about layering. What’s great with layering is that you can take things off! Cue my favorite jacket in the whole wide world. Since the jacket is a layering piece, us hot weather people can always take it off when you step out of the cool AC and step into the 90-degree weather :/ This leather jacket is from Forever 21 and it’s a pretty lightweight jacket.

I paired it with these cutout boots from American Eagle which are to die for! You’re still getting the fall bootie vibe but the cutouts help your feet breathe in this hot and humid weather (if ya know what I mean). I tend to keep it simple when it comes to the accessories, so I just paired it with my MK watch and my black cross body from Forever 21.

SO even though the weather is not as cool as I would like it to be, I still try to make it work! I can’t wear summer clothes forever LOL. If you loved some of the pieces in this post, there are similar items listed below 🙂






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